Stemergy: Renewable Fibre Technology

A natural history

Stemergy renewable bio-fibre was formed in 1994 (under the name Hempline Inc.) and in that same year became the first company in North America since the 1940's to grow industrial hemp bio-fibre for research. In 1998, we built our Research and Development facility in Delaware, Ontario to further explore new renewable bio-fibre technologies and identify applications for extracted and refined bio-fibres derived from stem fibre plants such as hemp and flax.

Stemergy's expertise in research, development and implementation extends from genetics through to novel composites and includes agronomics, logistics, materials handling, processing, distribution, product development and marketing of renewable bio-fibres.

Stemergy has established a range of new markets and customers for its renewable bio-fibre products and is currently expanding capacity to meet the growing demand for bio-fibres.

Stemergy Bio-Fiber Technologies (Delaware, Ontario)

Truck loading packaged renewable bio-fibre materials to be supplied to a  wide range of applications.

Stemergy Renewable Bio-Fibre (Canada)

1 ton of renewable hemp bio-fiber bales on forklift ready for shipment.