Stemergy: Renewable Fiber Technology

Stemergy BioFibeRefinery™

In an era of soaring energy and traditional material costs, the Stemergy BioFibeRefinery™ offers a unique solution for the production of renewable, sustainable materials for the manufacturing of products we use everyday; materials that use mainly the sun's abundant energy to arrive at the pre-process stage.

A Stemergy BioFibeRefinery™ is a complete processing system for the production and conversion of unique plants into valuable biofibers, starting with the acquisition of raw material that is created through the harnessing of purely solar energy. The implementation of plant genetics, combined with specific crop production, harvesting techniques, gathering logistics and storage ensures availability of raw material year round. 

The processing technology employed in the BioFibeRefinery™ is a combination of several unique systems working in harmony to maximize the capabilities of the plants being processed and optimize their suitability to produce biofibers for targeted end applications. 

A comprehensive quality assurance methodology and system ensures consistency and repeatability of the biofibers that are generated. Packaging and application specific requirements of the biofibers produced are also integrated into the processing and technology used in the BioFibeRefinery™. 

A BioFibeRefinery™ system is a full service solution for the supply of biofibers to a wide range of end applications. This also includes the development of custom biofiber formats, supply logistics and value-added technologies as may be required by specific markets.

Stemergy BioFiber Technologies (Delaware, Ontario)

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